Advancing Digitalisation and Sustainability: The Role of Independent Software Vendors

In a recent European Commission report titled “Towards a Green & Digital Future“, it’s argued that achieving digitalization requires an understanding of its interconnectedness with sustainability. This integration is where independent software vendors step in as indispensable players.

Data and its analysis form the backbone of the green transition, and independent software vendors excel in breaking down communication barriers between different systems and equipment. Take AB InBev, for instance, whose partnership with COPA-DATA exemplifies the advantages of working with independent vendors. Charles Tisdell, Global Director at AB InBev, highlights the role of such vendors in navigating the complexities of legacy systems while facilitating digital transformation.

But the contribution of independent software vendors extends beyond technological solutions. As small to medium-sized enterprises, they bring agility and innovation to the table, unencumbered by the constraints of larger corporations. Their potential for growth and change is significant, offering fresh ideas and agile approaches to digitalization and sustainability goals.

Moreover, independent vendors offer a timely and scalable method for embarking on sustainability journeys, crucial in the face of rising energy costs and the climate crisis. Starting small and focusing on quick wins, as recommended by AB InBev, allows organizations to demonstrate the value and feasibility of digital technologies while reducing environmental impact.

Transparency is paramount in this journey, and independent software vendors like COPA-DATA advocate for open automation. Their no-code approach empowers businesses to understand and act upon their data, moving away from silos and vendor lock-in towards open data sharing.

However, the twin transition presents challenges, notably the environmental impact of digitalization itself. Independent software vendors must navigate this delicate balance, initiating projects that provide added sustainability value while supporting customers’ economic outcomes.

In shaping the intersection of digitalization and sustainability, independent software vendors offer innovation, adaptability, and transparency. As the twin transition gains momentum, their role becomes increasingly crucial in driving meaningful change on both fronts.

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