TwinRevolution and SIBILA , two Erasmus+ projects looking for the innovation of the furniture and textile sectors

Partners of the TwinRevolution and SIBILA projects, co-funded by the Erasmus+ program held a joint workshop to explore potential collaborative opportunities within the framework of both projects.

All partners of the TwinRevolution and SIBILA projects have convened at the Testing Textile Institute (TZU) in Brno, Czech Republic.

During the meeting, Ms. Myriam Daddiza from the University of Vaasa (Finland) introduced the SIBILA project, outlining its objectives and current progress. The SIBILA project aims to boost innovation in the furniture and textile industry by enhancing knowledge and practices related to technological watch. The project will offer a comprehensive training course designed to enable companies to establish a tailored technological watch strategy.

Furthermore, Ms. Victoria Gómez from the Karlsruhe Technical Institute (Germany) presented the TwinRevolution project, which seeks to expedite the twin green and digital transition in the furniture and textile sectors through a comprehensive training course and an interactive tool. Both tools will demonstrate how circular strategies and Industry 4.0 technologies can complement each other.

As a result of this fruitful workshop, project partners are analysing how both projects could complement each other during the final phases of testing all project outcomes with external workers and students.