TwinRevolution Project’s Webinar: A Major Success in Promoting Digital and Green Transition in Industry

The TwinRevolution project’s webinar titled “Towards the Twin Digital and Green Transition in the Industry” took place on June 25th, 2024. This pivotal event significantly contributed to advancing digital and sustainable transformations within the manufacturing sector, particularly in the furniture and textiles industries.

The webinar attracted more than 60 participants, including academics, industry professionals, and students, all eager to explore the integration of digital and sustainable practices. The event was a crucial component of a broader initiative to disseminate knowledge extensively.

The event commenced with a compelling introduction by Erwan Mouazan, a Circular Economy Researcher at the University of Vaasa, who set the stage for an in-depth examination of vital topics. This was followed by expert presentations, including:

  • Alex Forrest from Eunomia Research & Consulting Ltd., who discussed the policy environment and new business models for circular furniture.
  • Alba Obiols, VP of Sustainability at Kave Home, shared insights on the integration of digitalization and sustainability in the industry.
  • Maria Victoria Gomez from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology provided a comprehensive overview of the TwinRevolution project, its objectives, and key outcomes.
  • Juanjo Ortega from the Technology Centre of Furniture and Wood of the Region of Murcia introduced innovative training methods supporting the twin transition, utilizing an e-Learning platform and interactive tools.

The session concluded with an interactive survey, reflecting high participant engagement and satisfaction. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive, highlighting the event’s effectiveness in achieving its goals and providing valuable insights.

You can see again the webinar here: