Completion approaches for INTRuST: accessible training courses and digital tools empower wood-related certifications

The INTRuST project, a sister project of TwinRevoluion, is approaching its conclusion. The training course on forestry, furniture and timber certifications is now accessible to anyone interested in joining through the following link:

Find below an introduction video to the new training course:

Moreover, INTRuST supports the certifications of wood-related companies and their products through the use of digital tools, as their ‘Coaching Tool‘, which provides relevant information on the certifications that could be more useful to companies regarding their nature and products.

INTRuST is co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme, under the leadership of the Karlsruher Technical Institute and the partnerhip of CETEM, InnoRenew, Ecores and the Bulgarian University of Forestry.