Overview and goals

The TwinRevolution project will be an essential initiative to support the challenges of climate change and the digital transition

Innovative training resource

Due to the necessity to update and aligned VET offer to the industry needs to facilitate a twin digital and green transition of manufacturing and traditional sectors, the main aim of the TwinRevolution project is to develop an innovative and interactive tool & a training course that will up- and re-skill VET learners (from upper secondary and current workers) providing them with the necessary digital and green skills and competences.

TwinRevolution aligns VET offer to the manufacturing SMEs needs, especially those of the furniture and textile industry, due to their importance for the whole economic ecosystem. Although there is a strong focus on digital and sustainable innovation within these sectors, this may not match the existing industry model. As the furniture and textile industries are generally based on traditional SMEs with lower capacity of innovation and with an aging workforce, there is a need to reskill their workforce and introduce innovative practices for a twin transition, to produce and design with less waste and with new sustainable materials

Textile. The EU textile sector needs a boost to strengthen industrial competitiveness and innovation with sustainable and circular strategies. Recently, The EU Strategy on Textile Products, adopted in the framework of the new Action Plan for the Circular Economy, sets that “besides of facing competence of third countries, the sector also suffers from skill gaps, shortages and mismatches due to the rapid technological changes taking place that require international workforces to continuously re-adapt”.

Furniture. As it is set by the most representative European Federations “the twin transition, if not properly guided and deployed, could lead to new challenges and stress problems for workers. To avoid these new risks, the acquisition of new knowledge, capacities and flexibility to properly deal with increasing automation, new processes and the development of new products become a real and key need for sector all workers”.

TwinRevolution phases

Blueprint for a twin transition

A key report to establish the pillars to update VET for the current and future manufacturing industry needs on the twin digital and green transition.

Joint Curriculum

A key A Joint Curriculum, validated by experts and harmonized to the European Qualification Framework, that defines the structure and methodology of TwinRevolution training course.

Training materials

Training materials structured on different modules and covering all required learning outcomes and video-pills explaining key concepts.

Interactive tools design & learning

An online platform with two complementary and interconnected instruments: an interactive tool and a e-learning course; and a complete learning experience test.

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