Twin Transition Playbook: A practical guide to help business leaders join digital and sustainability roadmaps

By 2040, digital data storage is set to create 14 percent of global emissions, while digital solutions can reduce global emissions by up to 20 percent¹.

While sustainability and digital transformation strategies are on the agenda for most organisations, few consider both together. Merging these strategies – the Twin Transition – brings real value and benefits. Choosing a Twin Transition accelerates sustainability goals through green IT (technology, data assets and infrastructures).

To encourage the adoption of sustainable digitization, Royal Schiphol Group and PA Consulting have partnered to co-produce the Twin Transition Playbook. The playbook provides business leaders with the guidance and tools needed to build a successful twin transition strategy. Broken down into three major phases and seven bitesize steps, the playbook is a living document that will be iteratively improved based on adopters’ feedback.

Here, we set out each key phase and provide an overview of the associated steps to prepare business leaders for their twin transition journey.

Digital and sustainable strategies can, and should, be developed in tandem. By following a defined twin transition roadmap, organizations can reduce their environmental impact, enhance their digital offering, and meet their moral obligation to future generations by contributing to a more sustainable world.

The playbook is available on request here.